This year we have decided to waive the daily admissionfee to the park. It is our wish to have as many guests as possiblevisit and enjoy our beautiful park. Simply said, admission to thepark is free during the week and on Saturday. The only time youwill have to pay an admission fee is on the days that the park isrented to community groups.

    Due to the costs of maintaining the pool and staffing itwith a qualified lifeguard, we will be continuing with the sale ofseason pool passes. By purchasing a season pool pass you will helpus defray the costs of operating the pool, have an opportunity touse the pool all summer and save yourself money in the long run.

    The season pass for the pool is valid seven days a weekduring regular pool hours - 1:00 to 6:00 pm from June 29 to Sep
    -tember 2, 2013.

    We are required to maintain the pool in accordance withthe regulations of the Peel Health department and have qualifiedlifeguards on the premises. According to the regulations governingour pool, we are permitted to have a ratio of 30 swimmers for 1lifeguard; 100 swimmers with 2 lifeguards and 225 swimmers with3 lifeguards. By purchasing a season pool pass you will not onlysave money, but assist us in determining how many lifeguards wewill need on any given day.

    Unfortunately, there are times when people have to waitin line to enter the pool as the swimmer to lifeguard ratio has beenreached. Based on the number of season pool passes sold, we willhave a better idea of how many people will be using the pool andarrange for additional lifeguards ahead of time.

    We urge you to purchase a season pool pass as it will be muchmore economical for you than purchasing a daily pool pass at acost of $5.00 per person. The season pool pass will especially beattractive and economical for larger families. With a season poolpass the cost of using the pool is now pennies a day.

    During the 2013 season, the pool will be available for 66days. If we take the cost of a family pass that works out to approxi
    -mately $2.27 per day per person. Given that a family pass includesat least 3-5 people, the cost drops down to .56 - .45 cents per dayper person. Similarly an individual pass, based on the same calcula-tion costs approximately $1.13 per day.

    Season Pool Pass Pricing:

    FAMILY POOL SEASON PASS: $150.00(includes parents and children 12 years and younger)INDIVIDUAL POOL SEASON PASS: $75.00(includes individuals 13 years of age and older)

    Season pool passes are available for purchase at the To
    -ronto and Mississauga parish offices and at the snack bar from thePark Manager.

    Anyone wishing to use the pool that does not have a sea
    -son pool pass will be required to purchase a daily pool pass fromthe Park Manager at a cost of $5.00 per person. There is no fee forthe use of the splash pad/kiddy pool.

    Parishioners from all the Croatian Parishes are invited andencouraged to enjoy our Croatian Park Father Kamber and to pur
    chase a Season Pool Pass.

    Father Kamber Park Committe